The Love...No Ego Featured Youth of the Month Program

Partners for this Program: Wegmans Charlottesville


Recognizing Youth, ages 10-24 years (typically grades 5th to graduating college senior), who exemplifies the spirit, actions, & behaviors of Love...No Ego.

Meet....Isaac Chaffee!


"I have the pleasure of knowing this fella, and I'm enjoying watching him grow in such a positive, productive, and fearless way. We are honored to feature Isaac! Keep pressing forward with that great passion you have. You can and will overcome all challenges and obstacles." 

Freddy Jackson, Founder and Executive Director, Love No Ego Foundation


Isaac's Story (in his words)

My dad taught me how to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s Cube, and I took it further and learned how to solve a variety of different speed cubes. Once, I recorded myself solving the 3x3 cube with my feet.

Watch this video of Isaac! 























When I was 9 years old, my dad needed to go on dialysis. Although, I didn’t fully understand the details, I saw my dad needing help at home because he couldn’t move around the house after hooking up to the machine at 5pm for his overnight dialysis treatments, while mom was working. I made it my mission to do everything I could to make that easier for him. It was all worth it, and my dad often reminds me of just how helpful it was to him for the year he was on dialysis.


Another huge accomplishment for me was when I overcame the fear I experienced when trying out for Regent’s basketball team. I had never played basketball before, and at tryouts, I felt so out of my element. Immediately after tryouts, I told my mom and dad that I didn’t want to play because I stunk so bad at the game. After my dad talked to me about how I shouldn’t let fear stop me, and after I learned I made the team, I changed my mind. I often faced challenges when on the court with the little experience I had, but I stuck with it and practice as much as I can. I’m so glad I decided to play, despite my fear, because basketball is very important to me. I love the game and have enjoyed watching myself get better and better ever since. 

Isaac's Most Important Goals:

  • Continually improve my basketball skills 

  • Improve my study skills to get better grades

  • Improve my patience with others, especially my brother and sister

  • Getting accepted into, and play basketball for, the University of Virginia

What does LoveNoEgo mean to you?

"A teriffic source of goodness"

"I remember when my dad first started coming home talking about Love No Ego. I always enjoy attending the events and activities and love how uplifting Freddy’s message is. I think the Love No Ego Foundation is a terrific source of goodness, love, and improved communication. Freddy is an excellent person to get motivation from!"

Character Statement from Joe Magri

“Isaac is thoughtful and considerate and always thinks the best of people. He is ready to help out when there is work to be done and enjoys learning new things. Isaac enjoys being around people and continually looks for ways to grow, whether in school, sports, or just getting to know people. I’m very proud of this young man!”

Let's give it up for Isaac!


Youth are chosen from local schools and communities within the central Virginia area, including but not limited to, Charlottesville, Counties of Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Louisa, Waynesboro, Staunton, Augusta, Nelson, Greene, and Orange.

Our goals include, but not limited to, 1) to acknowledge the Youth and their achievements, providing positive affirmation,  2) to promote an ongoing positive and encouraging environment, experience, and pathway for the Youth, 3) to connect them with/to a supportive community.  


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